Hello and welcome to While Dolly Sleeps, a blog that I mainly work on when my daughter Dolly is having a daytime snooze. Because as any mum will know, that’s pretty much the only time you can get anything done.

My name is Bronagh and I’ve been a fashion and celebrity stylist for the last 14 years. Since having Dolly life has been pretty hectic, but in between changing nappies, babygrows and my own tops (usually after Dolly’s thrown hummus at me) I still manage to find time for the important things. You know, like shopping and trawling the internet for fabulous fashion finds. 
So this blog is dedicated to all those amazing clothes I dream about owning, as well as the ones I buy when I have a ‘sod it, I need it’ moment.
I really hope you enjoy it. And remember, if you feel like you need that new dress/shirt/scarf in your life, it’s probably because you do.  

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