Wednesday 31 May 2017


COQUI COQUI Mosquito Repellent

It doesn't matter how many G&Ts I drink (a lot) I still get eaten alive by mosquitos, so I will try anything to prevent this. I came across Coqui's all-natural mosquito repellent that has a light and fresh orange scent while prepping a shoot and thought well why the hell not when it cost just £28 for 2 bottles. It's inspired by the work of Franciscan monks in Mexico - they used the Yucat√°n's exotic plants to create medicines and fragranced products. I don't think it smells very nice, well unless you like to smell like a citronella candle but so far it has worked. I'll let you know if things have changed by the end of our holiday.


Tuesday 30 May 2017


Wearing: Dancing Leopard Jumpsuit | Ancient Greek Sandals 

If like me you’ve been hitting the gym hard (in your dreams) and eating your child's leftovers (in reality) then this is the jumpsuit for you. Not only does it look cool, it also hides all the lumps and bumps this mama doesn't want you to see.
We’re holidaying in Ibiza and this has been my go-to piece of the break because it’s perfect for chasing Dolly round but it also allows me to catch some rays.
p.s. Check out my Ancient Greek sandals. These were a last minute purchase because I needed some neutral footwear. I know I’ll get tons of wear out of them so they were well worth splashing out on.

Thursday 18 May 2017


Elizabeth Scarlett Wash Bag in Coral (and other colours) and in Grey

I'm off to Portugal with the girls this weekend, which means I've been busy packing for myself rather than Dolly or a shoot for a change. I bought this coral Elizabeth Scarlett wash bag last year to replace my ancient Cath Kidston one that was covered in fake tan. I love it, but I've been using it all year as a make up bag, so obviously I needed another one for my actual toiletries. I love the colours and the embroidered palm trees and pineapples. 

I could really do with another one for my collection because I have way too many lotions and potions, but I'm trying to show some restraint. The pink velvet bag is on my wish list, but for now I've made do with this set of rose gold clear cosmetic bags from M&S. They're so handy I've got another set that I used for all Dolly's bits and pieces. 

M&S Cosmetic Set and just £6.50

Wednesday 17 May 2017

A Gift From Nana

M&S Dress 

Dolly and I met my mum on Oxford Street this week, and while they went shopping I had an uninterrupted lunch with a friend. It was such a treat to be able to feed myself without worrying about feeding someone else at the same time. Dreams really do come true!
Dolly had a great time with her nana. I'm pretty sure my mum thinks I dress Dolly like a bit of a Tomboy, so she was delighted to be able to treat Dolls to this new outfit for her summer holiday. 
It’s so cute and I love the nautical nod. She also bought her some frilly socks to top the look off, although I'm not quite sure how I feel about them yet…

Monday 15 May 2017


Wearing: Whistles Dungarees Similar | H&M T-Shirt | Converse Trainers | Zara Turban Similar

I bought these dungarees from Whistles about three years ago and they’ve been one of my best buys ever. I wear them at least once a week, and I kind of regret not buying two pairs because they’re beginning to fade.

I wear these, and my blue dungarees, all the time when I’m styling. The pockets are really handy for popping my clothes clips onto, and they’re stretchy enough to bend down in if I need to tie shoe laces or fix a hem. 
I'm also a massive fan of a turban. I know they’re not for everyone, but in my opinion they can transform an outfit from flat to fabulous in a matter of seconds.


Sunday 14 May 2017


Wearing: Topshop T-Shirt Similar | H&M Blazer | ASOS Jeans Gucci Belt | Converse Trainers

As you can see, I'm back in my favourite jeans! I like them so much I bought a second pair because the rips on the knees stretched when I was on the floor playing with Dolly the other day. 
I wore this outfit to a meeting this week, and I’ve smartered it up with this blazer. The cute frills on the pockets make it a bit different to a standard one, as does the fact Dolly sneezed on it just as I was leaving the house (try not to look too closely!).


Monday 8 May 2017


Wearing: H&M Blouse | ASOS Jeans Gucci Belt | Kurt Geiger Shoes Similar

This ruffled blouse is another of my faves at the moment. I love how loud and proud it is. Plus it's pink, which is my favourite colour. I was lucky enough to get my mitts on one before it sold out, but the good news is it's still available in this lovely powder blue. 
I must admit, I'm tempted to get that one too. In my opinion you can never have enough oversized ruffles in your wardrobe.

H&M Blouse 

Sunday 7 May 2017


Wearing: Zara Shirt | They're so old they're vintage Miss Selfridge Jeans Similar | Chloe Boots | Astley Clarke White Friendship Bracelet  | Soru Pearl Bracelet

I bought this khaki shirt for a shoot this week but I didn't end up using it, and I loved it so much I couldn't bear to part with it. I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it so I'm not feeling too guilty about treating myself again.
I'm wearing it with my nude Chloe boots that I adore but hardly ever wear because I'm so scared they'll get dirty. Please say it's not just me who does that? These boots need to be seen and I feel terrible that they stay hidden away in their protective box in the hope they'll always be as beautiful as the day I bought them. 
Sorry boots, but it's for your own good. 

P.S. Disaster! Dolly stood on my boots just after I took this photo! I genuinely panicked but you'll be pleased to hear they made a brave comeback and remain unmarked. 


Friday 5 May 2017


Wearing: H&M Dress | Valentino Shoes

I spotted this red lace dress online and it just had to be mine. But - shock, horror - it had sold out. I searched high and low (okay, I actually asked my lovely friend in the H&M press office and got another friend to pick it up in the Covent Garden store on her lunch break) proving where there's a will there's a way. So if you like it, try calling your local stores to see if you can track one down. Alternatively, check out these other lace dresses H&M have to offer. I already have my eye on the gorgeous mint green one...


Wednesday 3 May 2017


ASOS £65 (Due to land May 2017)

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! After countless years of searching I have finally found ‘the one’. And who knew it would come in the shape of this incredible beach and bar friendly playsuit?
The super-flattering nude tone! The beautiful embroidery! The bloody amazing pom poms! If I could buy it flowers, take it out to dinner and ask it to marry me, I would. Instead I’ll be wearing it until it falls apart this summer. And then probably buying another one.


Monday 1 May 2017


When Dolly was born my friend bought me a gift set from Sophie La Girafe. Of course I already had an actual Sophie the Giraffe but I didn't know about the skincare range. Dolly has very sensitive skin and I was a little apprehensive about using anything that the doctor hadn't prescribed but as it's 100% vegan, made up of natural and organic ingredients I thought what the hell I'll give it a go. The results were amazing! Dolly’s skin was no longer dry and was soon back to feeling baby soft and smooth. I've recently found out that these products are not just for babies and in fact anyone can use them. Bad luck Dolls! 
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