Sunday 2 April 2017


While Dolly Sleeps was originally called What The Stylist Wore and was supposed to be a fashion blog based on my wardrobe. In reality it was a blog that patiently waited for me to pay it some attention while I was busy learning how to be a mum and juggling my job as a fashion and celebrity stylist.

Fast forward a year or so and here I am AGAIN. The name change is a hashtag I've used on social media since Dolly was born. #whiledollysleeps simply means this is something I can do while Dolly is sleeping because let's face it it's hard to do anything for myself while she's awake!

Before Dolly I shopped. A LOT. These days I don't have the time or the income (childcare grrr) or the amount of fabulous places to go to. Don't get me wrong our regular trips to Waitrose, the park and playdates are great but don't really require the latest on trend must have. Dungarees and converse is my mum uniform of choice and it works pretty well. This doesn't mean I don't treat myself from time to time and I definitely obsess over the things I would have bought if I hadn't become so sensible. While Dolly Sleeps is about the things I buy and the things I would have bought before Dolly.

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