Wednesday 21 June 2017


While I was in Ibiza my friend Tess (from whisked me off to a morning Kundalini yoga class up in the hills. I’ve been to yoga classes at my gym before, but this was on a whole new level.
The class was taught by an amazing Kundalini and Meditation Teacher called Trish, who played the best music and made the experience one I’ll never forget. 
The session took place outside so we were surrounded by nature, as well as some of the biggest and most beautiful crystals I’ve ever seen (obviously I now want some for my house).
After stretching out our bodies Trish closed the session by banging a sacred gong, which I initially mistook for a plane flying overhead! Only this was much, much more soothing, and there was definitely a magical quality to it.
I felt like I really got something from the class and I’m already looking into returning to take part in a proper retreat. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in check out

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