Sunday, 8 October 2017


Zara £39.99

It's October. It's still dark at 6am when Dolly wakes me up. Pumpkins are on sale in Waitrose. I've already ordered Dolly's Halloween Costume and I'm secretly writing my Christmas wishlist (shhh) which means it's of course sweater weather. Hooray! What could be easier than throwing on a pair of jeans, a vest top or cami if you're feeling fancy (because no one wants that itchy feeling all day) and a chunky knit? Add a top knot and you've got your winter (mum) wardrobe nailed! The best bit is there is no ironing involved. WTF as if I iron, steaming is the way toward FYI.

All images via Pinterest 

HM £59.99

M&S £35

Stories £49

Stories £69

Zara £39.99

Zara £29.99

Stories £59

Topshop £39

Zara £39.99


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